The Eucharist- Roots
The Eucharist- a Memorial
The Eucharist- a Covenantal Meal
The Eucharist- a Sacrifice
The Eucharist- a Blessing
The Eucharist- a Profession of What We Believe
The Eucharist- Nourished at Two Tables
The Eucharist- Remission of Sins!
The Eucharist- the Real Presence of Christ
The Eucharist and Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament
The Eucharist- An Invitation to Mission!
The Eucharist- Community Worship

29 thoughts on “

  1. The Logo for the ‘Year of the Eucharist’ incorporates elements of the logo created for the 38th International Eucharistic Congress.

    1. Colour Gold: celebrating 50 years
    2. The ‘new man’ of the previous logo has now been fused into the Eucharist to symbolize oneness with Christ through the Eucharist
    3. The ‘new man’ of the old logo now has an Indian feel because of the sitting posture
    4. The visual brings out several elements: a chalice, host, altar, the faithful in union with Christ

  2. Wonderful job done..Very informative application….. Well done to d creator of this app…..

  3. Thank you all concerned for such a wonderful initiative. Will surely like everybody to use this app. So
    informative and convenient.

  4. Excellent initiative of the Mumbai Archdiocese keeping in line with the times.
    It’s now for us to spread it out not only within, but also to the rest of India and abroad.

  5. When i first heard about this app i was so excited and asked my daughtet to download it for both of us. Its too good. Also informing others about the same. Godbless all involved in creating this.

  6. Wonderful app…esp the readings. We got it published in the Sunday Mass notices and is on the homepage of Hope to get joyful celebration hymns with music scores and backing tracks for cantors in future. Thankyou for this lovely gift to us Catholics:)

  7. This app is very usful. हा app मला फार कामाचा आहे धन्यवाद

  8. This app is really good. Ever since my son downloaded for me I’ve been using it. I praise and thank God for the initiative taken.

  9. When read every morning,it is Very inspiring to lead a good day…if more prayers & bible stories are included,it would have been even more enlightening..

  10. Its a very good app very much convienent thanks and may god bless those persons who spend their time to create this app and may they be blessed by god ten times more in their life by our blessed god

  11. Thk for dis app. does in dis creation n hats off 2 d built-in deir time n effort it has been helpful for me tl find churches in r archdiocese of Mumbai thkz once again

  12. Every morning before going for job,I pray by reading the “readings” & “daily reflection”…other prayers like rosary,divine mercy can also b recited… its very useful & inspiring app…thanks…

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