Rhyme, Rhythm and Rhys

IMG_5737Rhys fell in love at 16 and he’s still in love, 11 years later. Side by side, they lend melodies to passion that you never could with words. Rhys carries his beloved in a small case. Before you jump the gun, Rhys is a musician and his beloved here is his saxophone.

With his parents being musicians, he grew up surrounded by music and musicians– Jam sessions were a common sound in the D’souza household. Falling in love with the unified sound of different instruments, he began to pick them apart and study them individually. He moved through guitar, keyboard, clarinet till he finally homed in on the saxophone.

He actually started playing the sax after he was gifted one by his grandmother. Sure that it was all a conspiracy to introduce him to the instrument, he is nevertheless grateful. Cradling the sax, he proudly says that it’s the instrument through which he can truly be understood.

As he spoke about what pushed him to play the sax, he also explained what encouraged him to keep going – it was (and still is) the support he received from his parents. And when asked for advice for keen and budding musicians, he directs his words to parents, to be the best support system their child can have. With first hand experience, he knows that support will get you through all those hard times – support and hard work. Rhys is undeniably gifted, yet it is the fact that with hard work, just about anyone can reach the goals they set that makes Rhys’ story so inspiring. “There is nothing I can’t handle unless I give up. If I didn’t pull something off, it would have been because I didn’t try hard enough and that scares me – not trying hard enough.”

He shares with us his journey with the sax – where it all started and where he sees it going. Right now, the view looks impressive. A few of his many achievements include an album of Gospel tunes and hymns titled ‘To God Through Music’, performances across Continents and playing the National Anthem at the opening ceremony of the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi games 2015.

His latest project “Rhyme and Rhythm with Rhys Sebastian” takes place at the NCPA on 20th February 2016, at 7:00 PM. The event showcases the young saxophonist, accompanied by some extremely talented musicians, as he takes popular songs from across genres and adds a bluesy twist to them. The thought behind this idea is to establish a connection with the audience, through familiar songs that they can identify with, and then introduce a new style of music – one that Rhys guarantees will captivate you.

Tickets for “Rhyme and Rhythm with Rhys Sebastian” are available on BookMyShow. But if you want to catch a glimpse of Rhys’ musical love affair right now, then listen!

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