He Runs the Good Race: Samuel Chettiar

samSamuel Chettiar won the fight against Hodgkins Lymphoma, but chose not to rest on his laurels! While in remission, he set his priorities on his family, valuing the time spent with them and enjoying the second opportunity to live life to the fullest. Till one day it dawned on him that along with this gift came the responsibility to respect it too.

With the decision to take better care of himself, he started road running. And he hasn’t stopped. He has seventeen marathons under his belt and he still continues to cover ground. Samuel’s aim is to run a marathon in every continent, and the dream isn’t a distant one. Europe, Asia and North America – check, check and check – three down, three to go.

Samuel runs for causes. He runs because he believes that “there is life after cancer” and that your body isn’t weak after that encounter. You’ve battled for life, so live it! He runs because his is a story that can encourage cancer patients and survivors to live their dream: “If I can, everybody can.” He runs because he simply loves to. Experiencing that “runner’s high” is so rewarding. He runs because one does not simply give up. And he runs for an NGO called Love, Joy and Hope Foundation that works for underprivileged children.

Samuel has been busy preparing for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2016, which takes place on Sunday, January 17. After this, he looks forward to signing off the Medibank Melbourne Marathon in October 2016. Emblazoned in red, capital letters on his T-Shirt, his motto holds out the encouraging message: ‘Never never ever give up’. And by the looks of it, Samuel runs the talk.

We are grateful for the example you set, and we wish you all the very best for the Marathon, Samuel. You most certainly are an inspiration on two feet – two running feet!

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