Cardinal Launches the Archdiocese of Bombay Android App


“I am very privileged to release the Archdiocese of Bombay App for Android Phones. With this App, we establish an even stronger link with our ‘mobile’ population, so that they literally carry the faith in their hands – a witness for our digital times!
This App has many features and since we begin the Season of Lent today – Ash Wednesday – I would particularly like to recommend the Stations of the Cross and the Carbon Fasting. Android users will now find it very easy to locate a Church and attend Mass or services that would be convenient for them – I know that many of our people would like to attend daily Mass or the Stations of the Cross but either leave home too early, or return too late, to do so at their own Parish Church. We know how many office goers come to the Cathedral of the Holy Name for this 1.15 Mass!
The App also links to the Archdiocesan website and the important information that is offered, particularly information regarding the Sacraments and the procedures to be followed. You can access the Mass Readings and reflections for those readings, every day, pray the Rosary with me through this App. There are many other features and the details will be notified to you via your Parishes and the Archdiocese’s website and Facebook pages. The information is also being published in The Examiner. We look forward to your using this App – a lot – and also to your valuable feedback.
I would like to commend the team at the Catholic Communication Centre who conceived the idea and the app developers the young men from Malad who made it possible, so that you can access all that I have told you, anywhere, anytime!
God Bless you all. I wish you all a blessed Lent.”
+ Cardinal Oswald Gracias

— at Holy Name Cathedral Church, Colaba

You can download the App from the link below on your android phone

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